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京都美先 Misen 14F

Delicious meat served with carefully selected seasonal Kyoto vegetables.

Grown in Kyoto, our vegetables are slightly unique compared to those in the rest of the country. With these unique flavors at its core, we present a healthy cuisine that changes with the seasons. Everything is simply flavored in order to maximize the ingredients. It is a flavor that lets you feel the essence of Japanese cuisine.

Message from the Chef

Thank you for coming to our restaurant today. We hope that you enjoy the delicious flavor of Kyoto cuisine and taste the heart of Japan.
lunch 11:00~17:00(L.O. 17:00)
dinner 17:00~23:00(L.O. 22:00)
88 seats
Private room
Private rooms available(2~10 persons)
with 2,000 yen room fees
※Course meal without room fees(at least 5,800 yen)
lunch at least 2,080 yen
dinner at least 3,600 yen
No smoking at all area.
  • Party
  • Night view
  • Family
  • With children
  • Private room
  • Reservation

Enjoy our cooking which maximizes the flavor of the rare Kyoto vegetables we use.


Note: Please pardon us if the dishes here are sold out.