Shinjuku Takashimaya|Restaurants Park



Guide of 35 restaurants

Select delicious Janpanese,
Western & Southeast Asian Food
Featured 35 restaurants,
Looking forward to your visit.

  • Meet the trendy 'Japan' dining with rich greens

    Shinjuku is a place with many delicious restaurants, but you can’t find such a place where has gathered so many selected restaurants but Restaurants Park.
    There are a lot of choice for you. Such as exculsive and traditional Japanese food, stylish Western food and variable Southeast Asian food.
    Here you will encounter 35 trendy restaurants and get fully satisfied.

  • Our concept is 'indoor garden'
    Please relax yourselves in this green and
    comfortable space

    We made our place with full of green so as to provide you with comfortable moment though in such a big city.
    There is many restaurants with nice terrace or great night view of Shinjuku.You can choose one that matches your mood.
    Interior of each restaurants are uniquely designed for their dish.

  • Encountering the secret of the park

    In the eventing, the White Garden on F13 will show a new face under lights.
    What makes you amazing is that there's a shrine in the garden!
    Backed with skyscrapers, it creates a special space of both modern Tokyo and Traditional Japan.
    ※There is also off-light period.