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木挽町 天国   Kobikityo Tenkuni 14F

Established in the 18th year of the Meiji period(1885). A historical restaurant that is said to have originated in Tokyo.

Tengoku started as a small stall in present day Ginza 4-chome. People have been known to say “for tempura it’s Tengoku” thanks to the traditional culinary technique and flavors passed down since establishment. We use a high quality blend of sesame and corn oil to make our tempura gentle on the stomach. Our lightly fried tempura uses the select seasonal ingredients from all across the country while remaining true to Tokyo style. You’ll never get enough of it. Please enjoy the flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine through these refined.

Message from the Chef

Thank you for visiting our restaurant today. Please enjoy the traditional flavors that we have preserved since our establishment.
lunch 11:00~17:00(L.O. 17:00)
dinner 17:00~23:00(L.O. 22:00)
weekends・holidays 11:00~23:00(L.O. 22:00)
46 seats
※Counter seats are only for course meal and Tempura.
lunch at least 1,836 yen
dinner at least 2,367 yen
No smoking
  • Family
  • With children
  • Reservation

Kakiage is made from thinly sliced vegetables and seafood that are all fried together.
Tengoku kakiage is bigger than that of other shops.A plentiful array of ingredients ensures you’ll be satisfied, and the frying process creates a heartily thick and fluffy to the core texture. Our fans tell us that they can’t get enough of our food!


Note: Please pardon us if the dishes here are sold out.