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赤坂ふきぬき Akasaka Fukinuki 14F

Our traditional shop is the only place in Tokyo to enjoy Kanto-style hitsumabushi.

Our shop was established in 1923. We believe the flavor of unagi begins with the sauce, so we have preserved our secret recipe since opening, and it produces a thick, delicious flavor that cannot be found in other shops. In Japan, ”ochazuke”(tea porridge)refers to a dish with rice or dashi broth poured over rice. “Hitsumabushi” is a kind of ochazuke with unagi. Hitsumabushi is a must try – featuring our unagi, flavored with a special house sauce, and eaten together with dashi broth in Japanese “ochazuke style.”

Message from the manager

Thank you very much for visiting our shop today. Enjoy the rare flavors of hitsumabushi and unagi.
11:00~23:00(L.O. 21:30)
*Business hours may be subject to change.
50 seats
Private room
Semi-private rooms are available
lunch at least 2,200 yen
dinner at least 4,400 yen
*Menu items and prices are subject to change.
No smoking
  • Night view
  • Family
  • Reservation

How to eat hitsumabushi
You can enjoy three different ways of eating in one meal.
The first bowl can be eaten from the ohitsu(wooden container for cooked rice)just as it is served, with unagi and rice.
Add yakumi seasonings such as green onion and nori(thin strips of dried seaweed)to enjoy a whole new flavor.
In the third bowl, add yakumi seasonings(negi, nori)and wasabi, and pour a plentiful amount of our specialty dashi broth to enjoy the “ochazuke” style.


Note: Please pardon us if the dishes here are sold out.