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ハンバーグ&ステーキ 黒毛和牛 腰塚 Hamburg & Steak Wagyu Koshizuka 12F

100% Wagyu Beef Tartar Hamburg & Steak Restaurant

100% Wagyu Beef Tartar Hamburg & Steakhouse. Our singnature "Koshizuka Tartar Hamburg" is made from selected fresh Wagyu beef seasoned with salt and pepper only, and is grilled in exclusive oven to make it crispy outside and juicy inside. "Koshizuka Steak" is cooked by order to meet customer's request. We also offer the variety of Steak menu with the combination of Hamburg steak.

Message from the manager

Fresh premium meat and the in-store preparation. We prepare the hamburg in our store, and prepare the steak after maturing in the store. We also have the menu of "Koshizuka" corned beef, and you can enjoy the variety of meat dishes.
Sunday~Thursday 11:00~22:00(L.O. 21:00)
Friday・Saturday  11:00~23:00(L.O. 22:00)
*Business hours may be subject to change.
76 seats
lunch at least 2,000 yen
dinner at least 3,000 yen
*Menu items and prices are subject to change.
No smoking
  • Night view
  • With children
  • Reservation

The world classified Janpanese Wagyu Beef "Matsuzaka"
It is famous for juicy soft texture, and appetite icreasing secnt of Wagyu.


Note: Please pardon us if the dishes here are sold out.