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維新號 點心茶室 Ishingo-Tenshin Chashitsu 14F

Established in the 32nd year of the Meiji era, "Ishingo" preserves traditions and places great emphasis on ingredient selection. Please enjoy our cuisine in the spacious restaurant with a panoramic view of Shinjuku Gyoen.

We offer a wide variety of authentic Chinese dishes, from our prideful shark fin that's slow-cooked in a white broth, to our Beijing Duck baked in-house, as well as homemade dim sum.
We also have private dining rooms available for family gatherings and special occasions.
Please enjoy a blissful moment in our bright and spacious restaurant overlooking Shinjuku Gyoen.

We are a casual Chinese restaurant with the concept of providing authentic Chinese cuisine and Cantonese dim sum to a wider range of customers. We place great emphasis on "flavor," and our motto is "homemade" and "carefully selected ingredients."
11:00-22:00 (L.O. 21:00)
*Closed from 15:00-17:00 weekday
*Business hours may be subject to change.
lunch at least 2,500 yen~
dinner at least 5,000 yen
*Menu items and prices are subject to change.
No smoking
  • Night view
  • Family
  • With children
  • Business reception
  • Private room
  • Reservation

Dishes like Shanghai-style Shark Fin, Soy Sauce-braised Sea Cucumber, and Shanghai-style Slow-cooked Soft-shelled Turtle, all meticulously simmered in our restaurant's proud signature white broth, are must-try offerings. We also offer over 20 varieties of classic dim sum, including pan-fried dumplings, spring rolls, and pork siu mai.


Note: Please pardon us if the dishes here are sold out.